Move In Necessities

Moving can be extremely stressful and hectic, but it can also be exciting to start over somewhere new. Often times when moving to a new place, you will purge your old items and buy new items for your new home. But then the list keeps growing of what you think you “need.” Here are some tips and tricks to help you determine your move in necessities.

Step 1: Make a list. This might seem like a silly first step, but physically writing out a list will help you get a grasp on what you are missing and help you keep track of what to get. It often is beneficial to categorize your list by rooms in your house (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).

Step 2: Go through your list with a highlighter and highlight all of the items you could truly not got a day or a week without. This will help you narrow down what you NEED.

Step 3: Research your items. If you’re shopping on a budget go to your favorite store’s website and look up how much these items cost and plan accordingly.

Here is an example:


Once you’ve checked off all of the items that you highlighted to be necessary, then you can repeat the steps for your wants.


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