Critical Interview Tips

Let’s face it, interviewing is just plain awkward. You feel uncomfortable and nervous, which often times leads you to forget crucial factors that employers and recruiters are looking for.

Here are crucial interview tips that will help you stand out:

  1. Walk in with confidence. First impression are everything.
  2. Have a firm handshake. A firm handshake portrays confidence.
  3. Make eye contact with the person you are speaking to.
  4. Smile! You want to come off as a friendly co-worker that people at the company would like to work with.
  5. Know about the company you are interview with. Researching them is important!
  6. Avoid fidgeting and talking with your hands. Even though you are just trying to settle your nerves, it is distracting and lets the recruiter know that you are uncomfortable.
  7. Know about yourself. This may sound silly, but the recruiter is trying to learn about you, so be able to explain everything that is on your resume in detail.
  8. Dress for the part you are applying for. You should always be well groomed when going in for an interview.
  9. Don’t just focus on you. Ask the recruiter about themselves, their experiences at the company, why they choose this company, etc. This will help you learn about the company and if you’d fit in and enjoy it.
  10. Show interest. Be passionate about the job, the opportunity and the company.
  11. ASK FOR THE JOB (if you want it)! This is the most important. Ask what the next steps are, it shows that you are truly interested.
  12. Follow up. Contact the recruiter after the interview to say thank you and to schedule the next step of the hiring process.



Hopefully these tips will help you in your next interview process. Just remember to relax and be prepared!


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