6 Useful Laundry Tips

Doing laundry can be brutal and sometime laundry mistakes happen. Here are some laundry tips to make it a little easier on you.

  • Make your own detergent – it is so much cheaper and better on your wallet and it is way better for your clothes. So it’s basically a win-win. Check out this site for Ingredients and instructions for homemade laundry detergent.


  • Use a dry erase board or chalk board to write yourself a note which pieces can’t go into the dyer – we’ve all been there and accidentally put one of our favorite pieces of clothing into the dryer. Next thing you know, your favorite shirt could fit on a Barbie.
  • Wash your colored clothing inside out to prevent fading – the only downside is having to turn everything right side out when you are finished, but it will keep your colors looking better for longer.


  • Try out dryer balls – they make your towels and sheets fluffy, plus you don’t have to keep buying them and they don’t produce waste. Dryer sheets also cause a build up on towels and blankets that keep them from remaining fluffy.
  • Freeze your jeans – may sound odd, but putting your jeans in the freezer will kill off bacteria that cause jeans to get a weird smell. So if your jeans have a weird smell even after washing them, try placing them in the freezer (when they are dry).


  • Learn how to get out any stain – let’s face it some stains are worse than others, that because they are no all the same. The University of Illinois luckily created the stain solution to help everyone.
  • Use baby shampoo to unshrink your clothing – place your shrunken clothing in luke warm water and a cap full of baby shampoo and your clothes will be back to fitting properly. Here are the step-by-step instructions.



6 Key Factors When Finding A Roomate

Trying to find the right person to live with is no easy task. Finding someone that meshes well with your lifestyle will be easier when you consider these 6 key factors when finding a roommate.


  1. Were you already acquainted with this person?
    • Yes (we’ve met) – proceed to question 2.
    • No (I’ve never met this person) – proceed to question 2.
    • Yes (we are best friends) – You should probably not room with this person. Being roommates with a best friend can often put a strain on a good relationship.
  2. Are your sleep patters similar?
    • Yes – proceed to question 3.
    • No – You need to determine if you and this person can compromise on each other’s schedule. If you can’t compromise, they are not the roommate for you.
  3. Are you both non-smokers?
    • Yes – proceed to question 4.
    • No (we both smoke) – proceed to question 4.
    • No (only one of us smokes) – You need to figure out if there can be boundaries such as only smoking outside. It all depends on your preference and lifestyle.
  4. Do you have similar cleaning habits?
    • Yes (we are both clean freaks) – proceed to question 5.
    • Yes (we are both messy) – proceed to question 5.
    • No – You need to consider whether or not this person’s cleaning habits will bother you. If they are a slob and you are neat or vice versa, it probably won’t turn our for the best.
  5. Did you get a good vibe from the person?
    • Yes  (they seemed like a good person) – proceed to question 6.
    • No  (they seemed a little sketchy) – Trust your gut! if you got a weird feeling, look for someone else.
  6. Are they willing to provide roommate references or let you speak to their previous roommates?
    • Yes – If you made it through all of these questions, they will most likely be a good roommate for you.
    • No – This could be a red flag. Might want to keep looking.

These 6 key things are not guaranteed to find you the perfect roommate, but it will help you find out if you are compatible for living together. One important thing to think about is you and your lifestyle preferences. It is always best to try to find someone that lives like you do.

Move In Necessities

Moving can be extremely stressful and hectic, but it can also be exciting to start over somewhere new. Often times when moving to a new place, you will purge your old items and buy new items for your new home. But then the list keeps growing of what you think you “need.” Here are some tips and tricks to help you determine your move in necessities.

Step 1: Make a list. This might seem like a silly first step, but physically writing out a list will help you get a grasp on what you are missing and help you keep track of what to get. It often is beneficial to categorize your list by rooms in your house (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).

Step 2: Go through your list with a highlighter and highlight all of the items you could truly not got a day or a week without. This will help you narrow down what you NEED.

Step 3: Research your items. If you’re shopping on a budget go to your favorite store’s website and look up how much these items cost and plan accordingly.

Here is an example:


Once you’ve checked off all of the items that you highlighted to be necessary, then you can repeat the steps for your wants.