How To Pair Wine With Food

Becoming an adult is hard because that means you actually have to start knowing your alcohol and what to eat with it. Your new adult friends won’t be impressed with your college instinct of drinking anything with an alcohol percentage on an empty stomach to get a buzz faster. Instead, try pairing wines with compatible foods to really spark your taste buds.

Here is a reference guide for matching wine with the right foods:



  • Dry White – White table wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Albarino, Gruner Veltliner
  • Sweet White – Riesling, Malvasia, Müller-Thurgau, Moscato, Gewürztraminer
  • Rich White – Chardonnay, Roussanne, Viognier, Marsanne
  • Sparkling White – Champagne, Prosecco, Cava
  • Light Red – Pinot Noir, St. Laurenet, Zweigelt, Gamay
  • Medium Red – Red table wine, Merlot, Sangiovese, Grenache, Termpranillo, Zinfandel
  • Big Red – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, Monastrell, Aglianico
  • Dessert Wine – Port, Sherry, Late Harvest, Ice wine

Of course you will want to pick one for the majority of the meal instead of serving a variety of wines. Some foods are hard to match with wine such as asparagus, green beans, artichokes and chocolate.This guide will put you in the right direction when you are being am adult and having a dinner party or when you are out at a restaurant and trying to decide what wine will be best.


Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media

A lot of the time we turn to social media in order to vent and to let our true thoughts and feelings be shared with those that we are friends with or are following us. Sometimes this can back fire.

Even though you think you are in a safe and judgement free zone, there are many factors to consider when publishing a new social media post.

Here are 5 things you should think about when you go to post something new:

  1. Are you over exposed or being provocative?
  2. Are you using appropriate language?
  3. Is there any illegal activity?
  4. Are you complaining?
  5. Are you talking badly about others?


You maybe thinking, who cares, I can post what I want, or if you don’t like it then unfriend/unfollow me, but the truth of the matter is that this can ultimately affect your future when it comes to jobs, schools, etc. So stop and think before you post!